KESUMA Restaurant, a Family History


KR Family

KESUMA Restaurant, it's a Family History & a Motto :

Small is cozy - Simplicity is elegant - Fresh cooking is tasty.

Chef Lilies is assisted by her FAMILY and, using fresh ingredients bought every days in local market, she extends the culinary traditions of YOGYAKARTA & SOLO, taught by Mother and Grandmother, all natives from Kraton Solo (Mangkunegara).

Here, all is about Region and through a limited but contrasted Menu, Ibu Lilies offers a traditional cooking, 'frank and direct', cooked in the moment. On this point, KR is proud to perpetuate the tradition of best Javanese Warungs.

Respecting the composition of Java recipes, we do not revisit ... but we could adapt it to your taste for a more or less spicy food.

! Latest News !

1. KESUMA Restaurant, housed in a Limasan (a wooden Javanese House) is closed for move and renovation since few months. STAY TUNED for an update about the day of our reopening.

However Bu Lilies offers to welcome you, in the comfort and familiarity of her typical house (50m far from the previous address) for discovering 2 more options :

2. "KESUMA - makan di Rumah", where Guests can enjoy our local cuisine for a lunch or a dinner (By Reservation only)

3. "Javanese Cooking with Bu Lilies", a hands-on Javanese Cooking Experience where Guests cook for a good understanding of authentic kitchenware, ingredients and cooking techniques (By Reservation for 2 - 6 people)

Our Menu

For LUNCH or DINNER, to respect your wish of outdoor or indoor Tables OR consider a special request, we recommend you to Book by TEL at least one day before

You are interested to celebrate an Event or to Privatize a Room only for your Guests ... Please let us know your wishes.


Location & Contact

KESUMA Restoran

Gang Sartono n°827 is closed; However 2 other options are available as explained in our "latest NEWs":

"KESUMA - makan di Rumah"

"Javanese Cooking by Lilies"

Gang Sartono n°858 Mantrijeron III
55143 DIY Indonesia

+62 812 29 42 66 85

info @

Geo :
S -7.82006
E 110.3664153

Opening Times

Located about 1 km South of Akun Alun Selatan (Kraton),

We're open every day for LUNCH or DINER.

According our fews tables, Both are by Reservation only.